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– Why do I need professional photos for my property?

– How many photos do I need?

– How should I prepare my photoshoot?

– How can I optimize my photoshoot?

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Why do I need professional photos for my property?

Every year , millions of people choose their next home, vacation home and hotels through the internet. Social Media advertising are now competing with main booking platforms and real estate websites
And you know a picture says so much more than a thousand words!
A picture is so eye-catching that it is worth it making sure you get the best and most atractive views of your property.

Your professional photographer will catch the best views and angles of your property so that you will get stunning photos for your advertising on your website, social medias, Airbnb,, Expedia, portfolios or magazines.

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How many photos do I need?

To give a complete vision of your property, we recommend:

2 to 4 photos per small and medium rooms (sleeping rooms, bathrooms, entrance hall, corridor, stairs, …)

4 to 6 photos per large rooms (living room, dining room, kitchen …) that can include details such as an art-piece or artcrafts or any elements of decoration that will bring an atmosphere to the environnement.

Depending on the size of the property, about 6 to 10 exterior photos are recommended, they will include full views and details of the house from outside, the garden, the pool…

As an example: a medium-sized house with 2 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, bathroom and a garden with a swimming pool, would require about 20 photos to offer a complete and professional presentation.


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How should I set up the property for the photoshoot?

It is important to prepare your property to present it in its best light.

The photographer you have hired will take the time to visit and find the best angles for your photos. However, it is important that you can help by preparing your property before his arrival. You are the one who knows the best views and what you want to show in priority.

For example, for the sale or rental of a house, it is important to prepare and decorate it so that it looks pleasant, welcoming. Yet, it is recommended to remove any decoration elements that may be too personal like family photos.

For hotels and restaurants, we recommended to have all furniture arrangements carefully cheked. Tables and chairs should be perfectly set, beds should be very carefully made (make sure that the sheets do not hang down, cut off price tags, set curtains, pillows, place the cushions so that the seams are not visible, etc.).

You can add flowers and decorations made with napkins or towels, but always keep in mind that those decorations should be the ones that customers find when they arrive to avoid disappointment and frustration.

It is important to clean the pool and / or the garden, arrange chairs, cut grass, collect dead leaves, etc.
You may put some neatly folded towels on the pool chairs, a jug of water with lemons and glasses on a table… these are simple touches that will allow you to personalize the environment and make it more welcoming.

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How can I optmize the photoshot?

A few days prior to the photoshoot, it is important to note which are the moments of greatest natural illumination in each part of the property.
At what time does the sun enlights each room?
What time is the best view for the swimming pool and/or garden?
It is likely that you will have to plan the entire day for the photoshoot, so that the photographer can use different lights during a sunny day, avoiding shadows as much as possible (especially in the garden, swimming pool …). Share this information of great help with the photographer!

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Fees for Professional Property Photo Service

20 fotos: 250 U$D

30 fotos: 340 U$D

All photos will be delivered in digital high definition .JPG format.
We can send the photos via WETRANSFER.

You will be able to use all photos on magazines, brochures, posters, social medias, TripAdvisor, and any website.

Option of aerial photos and videos with drone – additional service, extra cost


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