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Health and Wel- Being in Las Galeras


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Main street, take the stairs to the 1st floor left from Ban Reservas Bank

Contact: +18094535662

Yoca and her team offer facial treatments, body massages, at the SPA, or at your hotel or at your home.

Ayurvedic massage, Lymphatic drainage, SPA rituals, Facial treatments, Pedicure and manicure, Coiffure salon, Germaine de Capuccini Exclusive Products

Deep Leberation Massage

Contact : Didier +18297203545

Didier Le Moigne, is the former masseur of the Casa Marina hotel, Grand Paradise.

Didier is a professional masseur specializing in combining Western and Asian techniques to relieve tension and pain in the body, both muscular and cerebral. The aim is to bring you mobility and energy for optimal well-being.

Types of massage :

Relaxing massage: to relax the body’s superficial muscles and give you a feeling of well-being.

Medical and sports massage: based on in-depth treatment of muscles, tendons, fascias and ligaments, combining Western and Eastern knowledge and experience.

Thai therapeutic massage: using digital acupressure to open up the body’s energy lines and release tension originating from the central nervous system, the brain, in cases of stress, depression, burn-out, overwork, deep-rooted illness, etc. Thai massage also includes in-depth work on blood circulation, the lymphatic system and the neurovegetative system (sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves).

YOGA Petraki

Contact : Petraki +18297203545

Do you like yoga? Or you would like to try yoga for the first time in Las Galeras? 
You can combine yoga lessons with an amazing vacation in the Caribbean.

Petraki will take you to different beautiful places in Las Galeras area and offer you different levels and types of yoga classes.
Or she can even come to the place where you stay.

Petraki is a certified Hatha yoga teacher.

Since 2016 she mostly teaches yoga lessons that are focused on good breathing, awareness of body movement and in general slowing down and experiencing the life in the most beautiful way – in presence.
You can join her group lessons or ask for private yoga sessions in Las Galeras.

Language: Petraki’s classes are mostly in english, but also in czech and and just starting with Spanish too.
Equipment: there are yoga mats, blocks and belts that you can borrow.
You just need your own towel, bottle of water and sportswear.

Private lesson pricelist:
60minutes: 50U$D,
90minutes: 75U$D,
120minutes: 95U$D. 
Prices are for classes 1-4 people.